Armaan Kohli – Age, Girlfriends, Wife, Controversies

Armaan Kohli has cooked up a lot of controversies in Bigg Boss 7, right from his age to his wife and girlfriends, not to speak about his anger management issues.

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What is Armaan Kohli’s age ?

He is 49 years old.  He would be paired opposite the late Divya Bharati and Ayesha Jhulka in the filmings dating back to early 90s,i. You can assume that he was in his mid 20s then.  Divya Bharti who was linked with him at one point of time, said this in 1992 on an interview with Stardust, “I’m only seventeen. Naturally,  Armaan will find me immature because he is 28. He is much older than me, even my grandmother thinks I am a kid.” So, if we go by her statement in 92, Armaan Kohli should be 49 years old now. If you are looking by Wikipedia,  then, he was born on March 23,1968, which makes him 45 now. But there is no way, he is 40 years old.

Who areArmaan Kohli’s wife and ex-girlfriends?

Armaan Kohli is now in a relationship with Tanisha, as is apparent in the Bigg Boss show.   Earlier, he had affairs with Ayesha Jhulka in the early 90s. She would do her films, just to star opposite him. The relationship did not work out and finally Ayesha who gave away a promising career, eventually married Sameer Vashi.
Armaan Kohli’s ex-girfriend Moon Moon Banerjee was more like his wife. But things got out of hand, with the angry man assaulting her in Mauritius.  Dolly Bindra, an ex-Bigg Boss contestant, claimed that if she and her husband, who were also beaten by Armaan, had  not intervened, things would have been tragic. Armaan was arrested for  creating ruckus and assault.

Yoga Guru Vivek Mishra in the Bigg Boss house, accused Armaan Kohli of cheating on his girlfriend Tanya Singh, who lived-in with him. But Armaan denied all these allegations, even though he had said ‘Tanya’ to ‘Tanisha’ by mistake, in the show.

Other controversies

Armaan Kohli’s car had knocked down a bike rider in Mumbai.  Reports say that he was arrested and later released on bail, in 2002.  Few know that he was the lead actor in Deewana, the film that launched Shah Rukh Khan. But his tantrums led to his exit,  and Armaan Kohli was eventually replaced by King Khan.
In the Bigg Boss house, Armaan Kohli has been getting into fights with housemates almost every other day, there was not a single housemate who did not have an issue with him.  But over a period of time,  Armaan did curb down to an extent on his abusive tone, though he had issues with Sofia Hayat. He ended up as one of the finalists in Bigg Boss.

Armaan Kohli – Pictures

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