Are you supposed to tip Uber Drivers?

Are you supposed to tip Uber Drivers? Well, you are not expected to but it would always be appreciated, if you do. I do…I definitely do especially if the service is good.

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Uber actually added a tipping option to its ride-hailing service, a feature that has long been a part of rival  Lyft, in the US. Tipping, of course, is voluntary, and do not impact how a driver might rate a passenger because the driver’s rating is needed before the tipping request is sent out.

So, is tipping a good idea?  Well, ask yourself – did the Uber arrive on time, was the driver a fun person to chat up to? Did he drive safely? Were they friendly and courteous? Was he accommodating enough to pick up a friend along the way? Was he smart enough to take a short-cut to your destination? Like in every service related industry, you do tip for good service. Uber is no different from hair salon, waitress at the restaurant, a taxi driver or a hotel attendant. We are all in the service business and a tip does perk up our day, isn’t it?

How much should you tip an Uber driver? Well, it is all up to you.   You can give anywhere from 10 percent to 20 percent, depending on the quality of service.

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