Anant Ambani Weight Loss – How he Pulled it Off!

Anant Ambani’s weight loss story has encapsulated the nation, with a defining message to the obese and overweight people that nothing is impossible, if you apply yourself to a commitment. The 21 year old shed an impressive 108 kilos in a matter of eighteen months.

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Reason for Anant Ambani’s weight gain (obesity)

Anant who suffered from chronic asthma in childhood, went on to become obese due to the strong medication that he was prescribed for the respiratory condition. The doctors had even stated that it would be extremely difficult  for Anent to lose weight through natural means. But the young man was determined to lose weight by natural means and emerge fitter before he would turn 21. He managed to do the turnaround as he celebrates his 21st birthday.

Anant Ambani’s weight loss strategy

The Ambani scion was clear about losing weight loss in a targeted manner.  He looked towards reducing 6 kilos per month, which is a healthy measure of weight to lose, for reducing 108 kilos in 18 months.  Nutritionists and fitness specialists say that lose excess weight quickly can harm the immune system.

How did Anant Ambani lose weight

Despite cynical views that he had undergone gastric bypass surgery,   there is information that he did it naturally, by disciplined diet and regular, targeted exercise.  He would exercise five to six hours a day, the regime includes a 21 kilometer walk, functional training, weight training, yoga and high intensity cardios.

  • The 21 kilometer walk

Walking is one of the best form of exercises and highly recommended for anyone who wants to lose excess weight. It removes some fat and gets the body conditioned for other forms of exercises that would have proved demanding otherwise.

  • Functional Training

It strengthens the core of the body, strengthens your bones and muscles, gives flexibility,  definition  and poise to your body. Some of the exercises include stretches, squats,  abdominal exercises; etc.

  • Weight Training

Contrary to what people believe,  weight training does not add bulk, it makes you muscular  while burning calories.   The body begins to sustainably burn calories if you are regular with weight training.

  • Yoga

Yoga is known to incredibly beneficial not just for losing physical health but mental health,  balance and breath control.

  • High Intensity Cardios

This is a variant of regular cardios but includes intense exercises and rest.  So instead of walking on a treadmill for 20 minutes, you can sprint for 3 minutes and then walk.  Cycling and running are two of the common forms of high intensity cardio exercises.  It is quite beneficial because it turns the body into fat-burning machine. High intensity cardio workouts are good for burning abdominal fat in men and cutting down fat from thighs and arms in case of women.

 Anant Ambani – diet

He took more proteins and fat in his diet and cut down on carbs.  He was also particular about going off-sugar for his weight loss regime.

What Nita Ambani has to say

Nita has been extremely pleased with her son Anant Ambani’s weight loss. It may be recalled that she had herself lost weight years ago so that it would motivate her son to do the same.

Anant Ambani – Weight Loss Pictures (Before and After Photos)

anant ambani fat pictures

Anant Ambani fat photo

anant ambani weight loss pictures

anant ambani weight loss pictures before and after

anant ambani weight loss before after pictures


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