Ameesha Patel – Girly Problem Jokes

Ameesha Patel and Kushal Tandon were found mud-slinging each other.  TV actor  Kushal Tandon tweeted  this  Sunday that he had gone to see a movie in a theater and when the National Anthem played before the film began, everyone was standing except for this woman, whom he said was none other than Bollywood actress Ameesha Patel.  The actress retaliated with verbal diarrhea,  cussing Kushal and calling him insensitive, because she had  a ‘girly problem’,  which stopped her from standing up for the National Anthem.

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ameesha patel jokes


This whole Ameesha Patel story is disgusting…instead of telling it publicly..she should’ve whispered in some1’s ears..oh wait Whispers ? 😂

Kaho Na Pyar Hai – Made at a time when Ameesha Patel had a happy period.

Ameesha Patel: Hey Kushal. Kushal Tondon : Bol Ameesha: Thanks For The Publicity. Kushal: Same Here.

Guys don’t be harsh on Ameesha Patel she was carried to the theatre on a stretcher to watch that movi

Girls like Ameesha Patel proved all the advertisement of whispers wrong. They said “Periods main kabhi bhi, kahin bhi”.

To Ameesha Patel’s fans, please don’t try to trend #IStandWithAmeesha because she is unable to stand with you !!! You know naa… y?

Dear Ameesha Patel, I’m a girl too and I see no logic in how not standing up would have caused a leak on the theatre floor. Waterfall nai ha

Seems like Ameesha Patel is stuck in her Mangal Pandey era when pads and tampons didn’t exist 😂

Ameesha Patel is anti-sanitary napkins advertisements. Women can’t even stand up during periods, let alone run, hop, skip and dance.

What’s wrong with Kushal Tandon? I mean who pays attention to Ameesha Patel?

I stand with Ameesha Patel. Period !!

I stand with Ameesha Patel but she can’t 🙁 So, I have to stand for Kushal Tandon. Period!

Ameesha Patel wants to slap Kushal Tandon! Wow! Who are they?

If Ameesha calls this a monthly problem, she would surely be calling pooping ‘a daily’ problem. How imaginative!

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