Alok Nath Jokes and Funny Memes

 Alok Nath jokes and memes are quite a rage on social media and will continue to do so. One fine day, December 30th to be precise, netizens woke up to find Alok Nath trending with funny jokes, one-liners and memes based on the characters he has been playing for a long time.  We produce some of the best ones

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Alok Nath Jokes

When Alok Nath was born, the doctor said, “Badhai Ho, Babuji Hua Hain”

Alok Nath has zero friends because he always turns Dosti into Rishterdaari

Alok Nath believes in Aashirwaad at first sight
Alok Nath took the entire family to Amsterdam just for a smoke, because he wanted to gloat about ‘joint family’
Alok nath deposited his daughters in a bank because ‘betiyan paraya dhan hoti hai’

The only two wars Alok Nath has seen in his life is Pariwar and Haridwar
Alok Nath has never received salary, he always received pension
Alok was present as his father at his own PTA meeting

Poonam Pandey thanks her stars for not attending Alok Nath’s speech on sanskar, else she would have been jobless today.

Alok Nath is so sanskaari that even the pressure cooker does not whistle in his house.

Mahatma Gandhi may be the father of the nation, but Alok Nath is the father of the Universe.
Alok Nath’s Whatsapp status often reads – 
In a marriage
Meeting samdhan
Doing Kanyadaan

Alok Nath Memes

How did Alok Nath react to the jokes?

The  57 year old veteran actor took it in the right and seemed amused at the new-found cult popularity among the new generation. He said, “I am not on any of the social media accounts and I was a little perturbed after seeing that I was trending all of a sudden. But my son told me that they were making jokes on the character I’ve been playing. I am taking all this positively and love the attention. I like the fact that people are taking time to create jokes on me.” He said that he was quite impressed with the ‘pressure cooker’ and ‘mubarak ho, babuji hua hain’ joke.
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