Alauddin Khilji – History

Alauddin Khilji who was born as Juna Muhammad Khilji was one of the strongest and the most powerful ruler of a number of provinces and dynasties in India. He was the second one in his dynasty to rule the different parts of India. He reigned during the time span between 1296 till 1316. He claimed the title of “Sikander-i-Sani” for himself and has been often referred to as one of the most merciless kings of his time. Several reports and excerpts have referred to Alauddin Khilji as one of the most powerful and proud kings who went ends to get what he wanted.

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Khilji started to lose hi power eventually after Malik Kafur, his lieutenant’s return from Delhi with all the spoils. His ruthless nature was proved when he beheaded his own uncle, Jalaluddin Khilji for coming into power and to claim the throne. He was also responsible for imposing a number of laws during his reign, the most important one being the tax laws and the laws on consumption of alcohol.

Apart from all the important expeditions throughout his reigning time, the attack on Chittor was the most prominent one due to the hype that was created. It was his mindset for making the Queen of Chittor, Padmavati his mistress that ignited the fire in him to attack Mewar. He was spiked by Rawal Ratan Singh’s brothers and attacked Chittor on 1303.

Invasions throughout India

Mongol Invasions

Khilji has always been credited for his strategic plots and his ambitious nature. His attacks were always well planned and he would do anything in his power to defend his territory. Another positive part of it was the well trained army that he had.

He has also gone down in history due to him defending his territory from the different Mongol invasions. Due to the continued attacks, he even instilled stronger security and guarded his border with Garrisons to protect his territory; He protected his land from the three most major wars held in Jalandhar, Amroha and Ravi.

North Indian invasions

Alauddin Khilji’s reign started right after he assassinated his own uncle to claim the throne in Delhi. Soon after coming to power after bribing the nobles took over the entirety of the territory in Delhi. Muhammad Shah along with Alauddin’s disaffect wife conspired and plotted the murder of him but had to flee when Alauddin became aware of the plan.

Khilji was set on finding Shah and thus planned on attacking Ranthambor where Muhammad Shah was hiding. Khilji’s first attack on Ranthambor against Hamir Dev ensued a fierce battle on the banks of Banas but Khilji’s army was eventually defeated. Khilji again attacked after a better strategized planning and proposed to call out peace if they handed Muhammad Shah over to him.

Khilji’s next expedition included Gujarat and the neighbouring areas. He attacked Gujarat with the aid of his brothers, Ulugh Khan and Nusrat Khan. The entirety of the state was under their power and even the Queen of Gujarat, Kamala Devi back then was held captive.

The attacks on Mewar and Chittor were the most talked about expeditions of his reigning time. The entire thing was mentioned in the poem written by Malik Muhammad, Padmavat. Khilji’s main motive in attacking Chittor was to make the Queen, Rani Padmavati his mistress. He attacked Chittor on 1303.

Jalore was one of the few failed attacks manifested by Khilji and his army. The entire army of Kanhad Dev Songara was one of the strongest during the time. Khilji’s second attack assisted with the help of Malik Kamaluddin was a success.

South Indian invasion

Khilji’s south Indian invasion started off with Warangal. His army was brutally defeated by the Kakatiya dynasty who were reigning the land at that time. It took Khilji and his army six years to again strategize their moves in order to win the land of Warangal.

Madurai and Mabar was Khilji’s next stop for invasion after his win in Warangal. The attempt on capturing Mabar was a failure after the entire army was defeated by Vikram Pandya.

Administrative Changes

There are a number of administrative changes that was inflicted during the of Khilji’s reign that were in effect even after the death of the Nawaab. Some of the most important ones being the rules regarding the taxes and the imposed laws for the nobles in his kingdom due to him getting backstabbed by his own kinsmen.

Alauddin Khilji and Padmavati (The Story)

Raghav Chaitanya,  a Brahmir courtier and fortune-teller was punished by Rawal Ratan Singh for calling on ‘bad spirits’ as a part of witchcraft.  Raghav decided to teach Singh a lesson and went to Khilji and talked about the legendary beauty of Padmavati. Overcome by passion for the queen,  Khilji made it evident that he wanted to see Raja Rawal Ratan’s wife as he considered her to be a sister.  When Padmavati’s visage was revealed to him through a mirror, Khilji was overcome by desire to possess her.

Khilji’s men arrested Rawal Ratan Singh on the pretext that he will be released only if Padmavati came to meet the lecherous emperor.  But he was deceived by Ratans’ faithful men. Angry at the insult,  Khilji decided to attack Chittor, kill Ratan Singh and make Padmavati one of his concubines.  Check out the rest of Padmavati story to find out  how she countered Khilji’s moves.


How did Alauddin Khilji die?

Alauddin Khilji’s death resulted from the cause of oedema in the brain and he passed away in 1316. Khilji’s lieutenant was also accused of being the reason of the death of the Nawaab.

Tomb of Alauddin Khilji

He is  buried at Mehrauli’s Qutb complex, in Delhi.

Movie inspiration

Sanjay Leela Bhansali made the movie called ‘Padmavati’ which had  Ranveer Singh as Alauddin Khilji and Deepika Padukone, as Padmavati.

Alauddin Khilji – pictures

Ranveer Singh as Alauddin Khilji (Pictures)

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