Airtel 4G Girl – Jokes and the Reality!

Sasha Chettri is an Indian model, actress and a musician. She is best known as the “Airtel  4G girl”. The ad made her earn fame within a very short span of time. She is one of the most sought after personalities in social networking sites. Observing her immense popularity, the telecom brand has decided to sign Sasha for their upcoming ads.

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Early Life and Career

Sasha Chettri is a 19 years old youngster from Dehradun. When she was just 16 years old, she shifted to Mumbai to pursue higher studies. Sasha enrolled in Xavier’s Institute of Communications (XIC) Mumbai and earned her graduation degree. Thereafter, she started working as a trainee copywriter. But after working as a copywriter for some time, she lost her interest in the profession and decided to learn music and singing.

How  did  Sasha get the Airtel Ad?

From her childhood, Sasha cherished the desire to become a model. She used to send her profile to many modeling agencies. One day, lady luck favored her and she got a call from Taproot Dentsu, the founder of Taproot India Ad agency. He asked her to appear for an audition for Airtel 4G ad.

Ram Madhvani, the director of the Airtel 4G ad said that the brand was in search of two fresh faces who were never seen before. The requirement was that the person should be someone who is very confident and does not look like the professional model.  Sasha Chettri exactly matched their requirement and got the chance to appear in the ad. She tasted instant success with this television commercial ad.  Irrespective of the jokes on Airtel 4G girl,  it is a fact that the brand became talked about and instantly recognizable because of Sasha Chettri.

Before Sasha Chettri,the only person who could make such a sweeping impact for brand was ‘Lalitaji’ which was created for brand ‘Surf’ in the mid 80s for Doordarshan. ‘Lalitaji’ was played by Kavita Chaudhary, that character was that of a housewife who would take smart shopping decisions and soft-sell Surf as a product of choice.


Airtel 4G Girl Jokes

Old lady to Airtel 4G girl – Meri umar tujhe lag jaye
*Old lady dies the very next second*
Nearby standing Ppl – OMG!
4G girl- OMG nhi 4G

*1st over starts*

Airtel 4G girl: Shaandar match!! Gujarat Lions 6 wicket se jeeti!!!

Jab se Airtel Waali Ladki Aayi hai, “Aaj Tak Waalo ko khud ko Sabse Tez kehne me Sharam Aat…

Boy : I love you
Airtel 4G Girl : Ye Lo Tumhara Bachha
Boy : Ye To Cheating Hai
Airtel 4G Girl : Cheating Nahi Yaar 4G Hai,

When you were busy with Dusshera, Airtel Girl was celebrating Diwali!

Spotted boyfriend of Airtel 4G Girl

Spotted boyfriend of Airtel 4G Girl

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Sasha Chettri –  Pictures

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