Aashiqui 2 vs Raanjhanaa – Which is a better love story?

Raanjhana and Aashiqui 2 are both big hits; bearing testimony to the fact that love stories are back in Bollywood. There are many things common between Aashiqui 2 and Raanjhanaa, which have resulted in audiences warming up to them.

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1. Sacrifice is the main element common in both the films. The guy gives up his own aspirations so that his woman leads a happy life. Both the male protagonists die in the end.

2.  In both the films, the audience sympathy was for the male. Many people identified with the male hero. The characters are simple people, there is no hero-giri just plain, real emotions that people identified with.

3. Both films have unlikely heroes as the male protagonist. While many debated if Aditya Roy Kapoor would carry off  Aashiqui 2 on his shoulders, the fair-skin obsessed Bollywood wanted to know if the average looking Dhanush can obliterate the failure of other South Indian male actors in Bollywood. But both Dhanush and Aditya Roy Kapoor proved that nothing towers above a great performance and swept the audience off their feet in their own sweet way.

4. Both movies have fantastic music. While  Aashiqui 2’s songs proved to be the game-changer for the music scene,  A.R.Rahman’s tracks in Raanjhanaa is working like slow poison – the audience is clearly smitten.

5. A fantastic script and screenplay are the mainstays of Aashiqui 2 and Raanjhanaa. While Aashiqui 2 tells the poignant tale of a declining musician who falls in love with his protégé and does not want his alcoholism to be a deterrent to her success, Raanjhanaa is about a man’s love unrequited love for a woman and his undoing to help her change her perspective about him.

The second week haul says Raanjhanaa has beaten Aashiqui 2 by a small margin. While the former earned Rs. 17.6 crores in 2 weeks, the former has made Rs. 17.75 crore.

So, which according to you had a better love story – Raanjhana or Aashiqui 2?

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3 Comments on "Aashiqui 2 vs Raanjhanaa – Which is a better love story?"

  1. Definitely RAANJHANAA.the movie was so heart touching and so relatable.It steals your heart.there were many shades of love and both Danush and Sonam had sparkling chemistry.i liked Aashique 2 also but someone i couldn't connect to it emotionally and the story let me drift away from it.So,Raanjhanaa was undoubtely the better movie in every respect and it was more realistic,too.

  2. Aashiqui 2 is way better! Shraddha and Aditya are beautiful couple. I hope they get married and make tons of cute babies! 😀

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