Aamir Khan Dhoom 3 Body – Pics, Workout and Diet

Aamir Khan’s workout and diet for Dhoom 3 has borne fruit, as the first look showing his body in the poster attracted 1,516,936 views in just 3 days since it was uploaded. The trainer who has helped him create this toned body is a British fitness expert, Gerald Zarcilla.

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Aamir Khan’s lean body look in Dhoom 3 has inspired many.  The poster in which she shows off his toned back, as he stares at the Chicago skyline has amazed everyone.

 In this movie, this chameleon of an actor plays the role of a gymnast and a martial arts expert.  Producer Aditya Chopra and Aamir sat down to discuss the kind of look that could look desirable and from the pleasant reactions people have given on the Poster look of Aamir Khan in Dhoom 3 and the amazing number of hits, he has given on Youtube, it looks look the Ace Khan has done a good job.
Aamir Khan had gone for a beefy, muscular look for Ghajini and then shed it down to look like a scrawny teenager in 3 Idiots. The transformation surprised everyone as the 44 year old actor then; looked every bit a 20 year old. With  one of the most awaited movies of the year, Dhoom 3 gearing up for a Christmas release, the star has gone for a lean,toned look.

How did he prepare for the role 

Aamir was recommended to watch Victor Salva’s Peaceful Warrior to understand the body-language of a gymnast in the film. So, the actor has not only worked on his physique but also on his body language.

Aamir hired fitness expert Gerald Zarcilla to train him in gymnastics and martial arts. The aimr was to bring his weight down to 60 kilos with just 10 percent body mass.  When he was doing Ghajini, Aamir was weighing 73 kgs, he thrashed 7 kilos to look younger in  3 Idiots.  He has reduced his weight even below this level, to look really young and lithe.

A source says, “Aamir Khan’s body has become flexible and light to suit the role of a gymnast. Besides, he has undergone a  lot of functional training and has done a lot of free-hand exercises.”  The actor’s trainer Satyajit Chaurasia, who has helped him build an eight-pack body for Ghajini says, “Aamir’s body is flexible to get into shape for any role he wants to.  Of course, his dedication to get that perfect body, is commendable.”

Aamir Khan Diet for Dhoom 3

He has not cut down on dieting; instead he has been eating more. But Aamir has been eating healthy, and has been consuming 12 meals a day with at least 4 liters of water, according to a source.   This has been his diet
Breakfast – Fruits, egg whites, muesli with green tea
Midday – A fruit or vegetable juice
Lunch – Dal, roti, sabzi and curd
Evening Snack – Tea/cheese cubes/rusk
Dinner – Boiled vegetables/grilled chicken or fish

Aamir Khan’s workout for Dhoom 3

It includes 2 hours of regular gym exercises and martial arts training. He has also be swimming for an hour everyday.

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